City Visits

City VisitsThe Mosel region is an area with a multitude of interesting cities. Whether Coblenz with its “Deutschen Eck” and its great shopping possibilities, or Trier and its unmistakable historic city center, numerous museums and Roman ruins, or Cochem as a highlight of the middle Mosel region with its beautiful castles and large selection of restaurants, Traben-Trarbach, Bernkastel-Kues… Each city is approximately 1 hour away by car, and definitely worth visiting.

Castle Visits

Castle VisitsAlong the German stretch of the Mosel River, there is a large selection of old castles, some that have been newly renovated and have great restaurants: A must for all visitors. Take part in guided tours within the historic walls and treasure-, torture chambers, or for a traditional knight reenactments. Regardless large or small, the castles will be a great experience.
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MuseumsAs a well-admired region, the Mosel has experienced several periods of occupation in its history. This colorful mix of cultures has not gone without leaving its traces behind. Especially the influence of the Romans, who left many marks of their culture in the people of this region are still noticeable. You will find several museums, ruins, statues, memorials, and places of interest along the Mosel that will remind you of long past times.


WeinbauAs the home of the Riesling, the Mosel is one of the most famous viticultural regions in Germany. It is especially the cultivation of grapes in steep terraced vineyards that makes viticulture here a true art. Anyone who has had the experience of helping during the harvest knows how to cherish these people and the passion they possess. Visit the best wineries in the area, and allow yourself to gain a firsthand view of the art of a centuries old tradition and experience.

The Animal Kingdom

The Animal KingdomAs a cultural region, you will be able to be amazed by the multitude of animal species in the Mosel region and its many tributary valleys. Along the many hiking paths, you will gain a special insight into the region’s wilderness and protected wilderness of the Mosel. You can also experience close-up the region’s animal species in the various animal and adventure parks.